Joseph Smith House

The original owner of this architecturally significant c. 1800 hip roof Georgian was Joseph Smith. Smith held many important positions in Brewster including grammar school headmaster, Parish Clerk and Treasurer, and then Town Clerk and Treasurer. Although he died in 1842, the property remained in the Smith estate until 1860. At that time, the property passed to Captain Eben W. Paine who also served as the Town Clerk and Treasurer. Paine also commanded several barques that traded between Boston and Zanzibar in Africa.

The barn on the property pre-dates this elegant home and was originally built in the mid 1700’s. This date is substantiated by the gunstock corners and oak timbers. The barn was in disrepair when the current owners purchased the property. They had the barn restored by restoration carpenters using old methods including antique hand tools and the replacement timbers were milled and hand planed on the premises.

This home is located in one of the oldest areas of Brewster. The feeling of Early America is evident as time and heavy development has not taken a toll. The scale and types of homes built during the prosperous sea-faring eras help give Brewster its character and historic interest. Contributing to the charm are the many ancient trees and old stone walls that remain along Stony Brook and the absence of commercial development.

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