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  • Historic House For Sale Tour - Judah Baker House

    Judah Baker house, front facade, classic 3/4 cape
    494 Main St., S. Dennis, MA
    3 bedrooms and 2 full baths, 1869 square feet.  Asking price is $425,000

    Today we are going to tour the new listing of our friend and colleague at Kinlin Grover, Cindy Muzyka.  494 Main St., otherwise know as the Judah Baker house, is located in one of the most charming historic villages on the Cape, the South Dennis Historic District.

    The house is a classic 3/4 cape and dates to 1829.  Judah was a housewright, known today as a builder, or more accurately, a carpenter who built homes.  The home has simple but elegantly proportioned rooms and retains much of its early 19th century fabric.

    Large kitchen with lots of... read more

  • Brewster Historical Society's Captain Elijah Cobb House Museum

    When showing historical homes to clients, occasionally one will make such an impression on me, that it will be stuck in my head long after the showing.  The Elijah Cobb house in Brewster was just such a property.  I showed it to a lovely couple in 2013 when it was on the market.  The client, a professional preservationist, and I could not believe how pristine and in tact the house was.  It is unusual for a home to be so remarkably preserved, especially considering its 1799 date.

    At the time, we were told that the Brewster Historical Society was interested in the property and we couldn't imagine a more fitting steward of this important georgian property, built by Captain Elijah Cobb.  Sometime later, I was delighted to hear that... read more

  • Caroline Dugan's beloved gardens at the Cobb House

    Birdbath nestled in the sunflowers
    When Bob Hoxie, owner of Great Hill Horticultural Services, was tasked with designing the gardens for the Brewster Historic Society's Cobb house, he got a little help from a very unlikely source, a previous owner who died in 1941.  Caroline Dugan, the great granddaughter of the shipmaster Elijah Cobb, was born in 1853 in the house now bearing his name and kept a lively diary from 1873 to 1878.

    Circular garden with sun dial
    Generous donations made the garden possible
    In her diary, Caroline celebrates her fondness for nature and for her garden with her many detailed and poetic entries.

    Excerpts taken from "From Painting a Time in text... read more

  • Historic Homes vs. the Flood Zone

    Image from the NFIP bulletin on Historic Structures
    Our forefathers had the good sense to build inland in many cases.  Unfortunately, rising sea levels and beach erosion have brought the sea to the house.  FEMA, in an effort to reduce the risk of loss of property or life, has established minimum requirements for renovating homes in communities that participate in the flood insurance program. Ahem, all of Cape Cod.

    For non historic houses in communities that participate in the flood insurance program, once the house has been "substantially improved", meaning 50% of its pre improved value, it must be brought into conformance with the National Flood Insurance Program requirements.  Note that in many places, "substantial improvement" is cumulative (though not in Massachusetts), so if you renovate your kitchen this year, and upgrade the heating system next... read more

  • 7 Things to Consider When Buying Your Historic Home on Cape Cod

    1.  How tall are you?  Do you clamor for an early period home with an enormous hearth complete with beehive oven?  These early gems have wide pine floors, multi paned wavy glass windows, iron thumb latches and built in cupboards.  But what they usually don't have, is high ceilings.  Many late 17th century or early 18th century homes have low ceilings.  So if you are a contender for the NBA, you may want to look at a later period style home or a vintage 1940's reproduction.

    2.  Basements.  Many of the antique homes on the Cape have what we affectionately refer to as a "Cape Cod" basement.  It is a circular pit lined with stone or, more commonly, brick.   At any given time it will fit your water heater, your... read more